Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services
Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services

The Extra Mile pressure washing experts safely clean stained, dirty roofs on homes and businesses throughout the West Virginia Panhandle.

Does your roof have ugly stains ruining the look of your entire home? These dark streaks can be more than the difference between a beautiful and unsightly house. And while these stains certainly distract from your home’s beauty, the real problem might be a few years away. Those stains are the build up of natural grime; your dirty roof’s silent killer.

These contaminants need to be pressure washed away sooner rather than later. But, make sure you hire a professional pressure washing company. There is a right way and a wrong way to clean dirty roofs. The right way costs a little bit of money and the wrong way costs A LOT of money.

The average lifespan of roofing materials is about 25 years. Unwanted element buildup can take years off that lifespan. And, there are few sane people that want to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof short of the manufacturer’s promise. The cost of an average roof replacement in 2023 is $15,000.

Roof in need of cleaning by Extra Mile in Bunker Hill, WV

The Solution for a Dirty Roof

The pressure washing experts at Extra Mile Power Washing in Bunker Hill, WV have years of training in the proper cleaning of roofing materials. The company techs use the “softwash” technique of low water pressure, combined with gentle detergents, to safely wash roofs. Softwashing is the best way to pressure wash building materials, because improper “power washing” can easily cause damage with a high pressure nozzle.

High pressure water damage is just one of the problems that homeowners and inexperienced pressure washers encounter. Water, slippery roofing materials and heights can lead to bad accidents. If it happens to a homeowner, the pain and suffering are the likely outcomes. If it is someone hired who claims to have a “pressure washing business,” and they don’t have the experience and proper insurance, the result could be a lesson costly for the homeowner.

The Extra Mile techs will also let you know if the gutters should be cleaned, because streaking is often a sign of natural elements that block gutters, negatively affecting the roof’s outer edges. This leads to water running down the walls. Water overflow can cause even more damage to your home’s exterior, and can leak inside the walls.

Roof Cleaning by Extra Mile Powerwashing, the pressure washing experts in Martinsburg and Inwood, WV

Contact Extra Mile for Pressure Washing

Click here to contact the office online for an appointment. They can also be reached by calling 304.904.0500 or emailing

The Extra Mile techs serve the West Virginia Panhandle area. That area includes Bunker Hill, Inwood, Falling Waters, Shepherdstown, Martinsburg and Charles Town. They also travel to the greater Winchester, VA area.

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