Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services
Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services

The Tri-State area’s long winter was followed by a wet spring. These stretches can damage roofs, leading to costly repairs.

Roof Cleaning by Extra Power WashingThe beautiful fall season seems so long ago. But the dirt that comes with the leaves left through the winter and spring can often be found even now as summer approaches. It’s often in the form of black strains on the shingles. Sometimes it is seen as patches of fungus or clumps of moss. Sometimes you can’t see it at all, due to the leaves still gathered on roofs with only a slight pitch. While most of these problems come directly from the environment, gutters can quickly turn from friend to foe. If gutters aren’t clear to do their job — carrying moisture away from the house — then they will add to the problem.

All of the above issues can be easily taken care of with the “softwash” technique used by the professional cleaners at Extra Mile Power Washing. This technique uses low water pressure and environmentally-friendly detergents to safely clean roofs and gutter systems. This is perfect for cleaning thoroughly, without the threat of damaging surfaces, especially to shingles and painted or vinyl gutters and downspouts.Softwash roof cleaning

Most people look at a “dirty” roof and think that it “just looks ugly.” However, when the dirt is really algae, the breakdown of roofing materials can be the costly result. And rarely are stained roofs NOT accompanied by gutters full of debris. Gutters that don’t drain properly can easily lead to mold issues when the water flows over the gutter and down the exterior siding. A subsequent affect is moisture being trapped behind exterior walls. This leads to moisture inside interior walls, causing health problems for those living inside.

To learn more about our softwash roof cleaning services, contact us today.

Extra Mile Power Washing serves clients throughout the Panhandle of West Virginia and neighboring Virginia, including: Bunker Hill WV 25413 | Inwood WV 25428 | Kearneysville WV 25429 | Kearneysville WV 25430 | Shepherdstown WV 25443 | Glengary WV 25420 | Charles Town WV 25414 | Ranson WV 25414 | Martinsburg WV 25401 | Martinsburg WV 25402 | Martinsburg WV 25403 | Martinsburg WV 25404 | Falling Waters WV 25419 | Harpers Ferry WV 25425 | Hedgesville WV 25427 | Winchester VA 22601 | Winchester VA 22602 | Winchester VA 22603 | Winchester VA 22604 | Cross Junction VA 22625 | Clear Brook VA 22624.

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