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Commercial Pressure Cleaning Dome Right

Did you know that clean commercial surroundings are a great way to make a good first impression on your clients and guests?
Exterior commercial cleaning using hot water is a great way to keep concrete walking surfaces safe, slip resistant and beautiful. Hot water helps melt away grease and gum for that just-scrubbed look.

Exterior wall and roof surfaces often benefit from a process called SoftWash. Softwash involves treating the area with a blend of specialty detergents that will loosen the dirt and grime. That is followed by a soft, low-pressure rinse to complete the cleaning process.

Your exterior commercial power washing can often be completed effectively and efficiently so as to minimize or eliminate any inconvenience to your daily routine. And, will be done right by our highly trained techs using the latest cleaning equipment.

Why Hot Water?

If you were cleaning a load of dirty dishes, you wouldn’t use cold water. The same principle applies with your property’s concrete surfaces. They need a customized solution for the degree of dirt and wear and tear that they receive – and the best solution is in our hot water pressure washing service.

Our processes are effective in cleaning a wide variety of contaminates that includes grease and oil as well as other fluids found in automobile’s today. Chewing gum often gets left behind where it can diminish the appearance of your property and our hot water process takes care of that in short order also.

General dirt and a soiled appearance are bad for business and no one is harder on them or more effective in removing those items than Extra Mile Power Washing of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

We Offer a Solution for All Surfaces

Every concrete surface and the soil that they accumulate is different. Our pressure washing processes and staff stand ready to bring the best result to your property through an experienced and specialized approach.

We provide hot water pressure washing solutions for:

  • Dumpster pad cleaning
  • Industrial pressure washing
  • Commercial pressure cleaning
  • De-greasing and washing of heavy equipment
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Drive thru cleaning

When grease or gum are detracting from your walks, driveways and parking areas, we are here to pull out all the stops to remove the damage and help your property put its best foot forward.

Get service you can rely on – and concrete cleaning that matters – from your local professionals at Extra Mile Power Washing, LLC

Home Cleaned by Extra Mile Powerwashing

       Laurie’s Clean Home

Customer Testimonial


“Dustin is the most knowledgeable, trusting, reliable contractor. He gave a reasonable quote, showed up as scheduled and did a beautiful job on our exterior home. Just what we needed moving into the spring this year!! You won’t be disappointed with his work!! Thanks Dustin!!” – Laurie W. 

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