Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services
Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services
Dirty concrete cleaning Martinsburg WV

Extra Mile PowerWashing is the Martinsburg Area’s Gutter Cleaning Expert!

Are your Gutters clogged?

Overflowing with leaves, branches, and other debris?

Are they growing funky algae and mildew that can damage your home’s surfaces?

Let Extra Mile PowerWashing clear the debris, flush out all of those pesky shingle granules that slough off of your roof into your gutters, and flow test the downspouts for a clean and clear system.

Why Keep Gutters Clean?

Clean gutters are very important for keeping water flowing away from your home. When gutters become full of debris, water backs up behind the gutter structure, against your home. This can send that damaging water up under your siding, roof tiles, and into the walls. In winter, this water can even form ice dams that can cause breakage to the surfaces of your home – an expensive repair! We take care of all your gutter cleaning needs in Martinsburg—let us power wash your gutters the correct way.

When gutters are cleaned and maintained correctly, water moves along them and down to the ground, away from the home.

Cleaning Your Gutters Yearly

Let’s talk about how to clean gutters about once a year!

Option 1

  • Get out your tall ladder. You may need up to 32 feet for a multilevel home. Don’t have one? Borrow one from a friend, or purchase one that’s tall enough. Be sure you have a spotter to keep the ladder stable!
  • Climb the ladder – careful, you’re going way up high!
  • Forgot your gloves? Climb down, get them from the garage, climb on up again.
  • Remove all of the rotten leaves and debris from the gutters. Make sure you have a tarp underneath to catch the gunk!
  • Climb down, adjust the ladder, move the ‘catch the gunk’ tarp, and clean a new section. Repeat allllll the way around your house.
  • Get your garden hose, and flush out the gutters and downspouts to remove the last grime from the surfaces.
  • Rake up all of the debris that you knocked out of the gutters and dispose of it.

Option 2

Call Extra Mile PowerWashing, Martinsburg’s gutter cleaning experts!

We will bring the equipment, the ladders, and make sure the area is completely clean and free of debris when we’re done! We have the experience to clean up high, safely, so you don’t have to.

Our gutter cleaning will leave your Martinsburg home’s gutters free of debris and the surfaces clean and sparkling.

Maintaining your home’s gutter system will prevent damage and improve gutter appeal. Contact us today, and let’s get those gutters clean and free of debris!


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