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Martinsburg Pressure Washing | Gutter & Deck Cleaning Services

Now that W-2 tax forms are out, inspect your home’s exterior for its pressure washing needs

With tax software, retail-based kiosks and electronic filing, tax returns are already processing across the Bunker Hill, WV area. Chances are that you already have plans for that cash that is in hand or close to it. That’s why we suggest you inspect your home’s exterior and consider its pressure washing needs before the shopping spree begins.

Now is the time to think about a wise way to invest that money in your biggest investment. And the great thing is that even after paying for a professional cleaning, you will likely still have plenty left to shop or take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about. What will that include? Will it include upgrades to your wardrobe or maybe a Disney vacation for the family?

Tax return can pay for pressure washing your Bunker Hill, WV home by Extra Mile Power Washing.

Do you see harmful elements growing on the surfaces of your home’s exterior? Is your siding or brick exterior a different color than when you moved in years ago? Are there black or green streaks where it used to look clean? Are some fuzzy surfaces that were once smooth?

If the answers are “yes,” your house is actually aging faster than it should. That’s right, the build up of grime, mildew and algae isn’t just ugly, because those are natural enemies of building materials. If the answers are “yes,” you should seriously consider a professional pressure washing by the cleaning experts at Extra Mile Power Washing.

Tax return can pay for pressure washing your Bunker Hill, WV home by Extra Mile Power Washing.

Extra Mile‘s techs use of the softwash technique for the cleaning of concrete, siding, gutters, fences, decks and more. Softwash is the combination of environmentally-friendly detergents applied and washed away with just the right amount of water pressure. It’s the safest and best way to clean your residential property or business location. Damage happens when those elements are blasted away, leading to damage and scaring of siding, concrete and wood.

A thorough cleaning will not only make all the surfaces look like new, but will also remove the microbes that can cause indoor air quality issues. Buildup on outdoor living spaces and water that invades outer walls are the biggest personal health hazards. Clean, well-working gutters will ensure that rain water flows away from your home, not down the walls and into it. It takes very little moisture for mold and mildew to take hold and then cause thousands of dollars in damage. It can be even more costly if it triggers asthma attacks or other respiratory issues.

Tips for Filing Your 2023 Taxes for a Great Tax Refund

Everyone loves the dream of getting a great tax refund. Most everyone dreads tax season and doing all that is necessary to get a great return. Read this article that includes seven tips for filing your taxes in 2023. Hopefully, several of these tips will net you a few more dollars that rightfully belong to you, the American taxpayer.

Contact Extra Mile to Schedule an Exterior Cleaning

Contact the Bunker Hill, WV office today for one of the first appointments of the year. Click here to contact Extra Mile’s staff online. They can also be reached by calling 304.904.0500 or emailing

Roof cleaning by Extra Mile Power Washing of Bunker Hill, WV.

The Extra Mile cleaning techs are experts in roof cleaninghouse washinggutter cleaning, and concrete and deck cleaning. They use the softwash cleaning technique to make sure all surfaces are cleaned safely and effectively. Softwash is the right amount of water pressure and safe detergents, used in perfect combination based on the surface being cleaned.

“Dustin was a so very nice and accommodating. The 1,200 square foot deck was done beautifully and in a timely manner. Dustin worked very hard. I plan on using him again in the near future. I highly recommend Dustin.” – Cathie B.

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